What is animal testing?

Animal testing is when products are tested on animals to ensure they are safe to be sold/used. The type of products tested on animals include cosmetics but also other items such as medicines. The use of animals to test cosmetics products or their ingredients is banned in the UK and all other member states of the European Union. 

What are the animal testing laws in China?

The animal testing laws in China are different to the UK laws. Currently, any cosmetics sold in China, regardless of where they are made are required to be tested on animals. The cosmetics are subject to post-market testing which can be done without the companies knowledge or permission. This means that any brands which sell in china cannot be considered cruelty free even if they themselves do not test on animals. China has one of the biggest beauty markets in the world.

What does vegan mean?

When a product is vegan it does not contain any animals or by-products of animals. This definition is universal to food items and other items such as cosmetics. If a product is vegan it does mean it is cruelty free, they are two separate certifications. 

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